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which do not include downtown washington nor fa fairfax county that are under a wenter weather advisory. those are the areas that i think will be getting a couple of inches of snow. it's a really fast mover. there are the areas that will be getting the snow. out in the mountains of virginia. again, around the lakes. here we are in washington. this is the first area of snow. there's the back edge of it, too. it's a little area of low pressure that will move right to our north. probably bring in a little bit of dry air. so it will be really sort of moisture starved, if you will. a bit of light snow or snow flurries. you folks in the southern spots down to fredericks burg may not see anything at all. it's in here around midnight and then out of here by dawn tomorrow. it's a moisture-starved storm. nonetheless, there will be some areas with a bit of slipperiness. some areas, maybe a dusting to an inch or two. and around the washington area, southern suburbs, i think i'll emphasize the dusting. back to you. >> all right. thank you, bob. >>> late this afternoon, president obama announced that
to the washington area. >>> a powerful aftershock rocked haiti this morning. >> jay gray is in port-au-prince anhas our report. >> port-au-prince is still on edge this evening after that major tremor this morning and another day filled with desperation here. a violent wake-up call in port-au-prince this morning. the strongest aftershock since last week's deadly quake forced thousands back into the streets. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: but fear quickly gave way to frustration again as many endured their eighth day with little food or water. >> and i understand their frustrations. we can't do enough fast enough. but i tell them more help is on the way. >> reporter: so are more u.s. troops. at least 11,000 are in the region right now and more are arriving every day. >> we are doing joint operations with the u.n. forces, particularly when it relates to humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: aid is flowing more freely now, but still not fast enough. still, there are moments of great joy like this one when new york firefighters rescued two young children overnight. but for most, they continue to hope and pr
to washington to deal with flight security lapses after an attempt to blow up a plane. >>> and a bitter cold arctic blast. the windchill is going to make it feel like temperatures in the teens and even the single digits. >>> but we begin with a report that two washington wizards players pulled guns on each other at the verizon center. good evening. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm doreen gentzler. gilbert arenas reportedly pulled a gun on fellow teammate javarris crittenden. the report comes from the "new york post," but we've learned that d.c. police are looking into the matter. pat collins is at the verizon center with more this afternoon. >> doreen, guns. star athletes. a locker room. a police investigation. sounds like a recipe for a scandal. and the wizar say they're taking this situation seriously and cooperating fully. explosive allegations in the "new york post" saying wizards star gilbert arenas pulled a gun on teammate javarris crittenden. the "post" says it happened in the team locker room during an argument over a gambling debt. the paper says that arenas drew a gun on crittenden and
the washington area tomorrow. no problems tonight. but into southern maryland and even fredericksburg, could be as much as 6 inches, maybe even a bit more. the major impact will be southern virginia, the carolinas, and down in the tide water areas too. for us, it will be a light snow that will not be causing any major problems. but once again, we're really on the edge and a shift a few miles north and south to make a big difference with this storm. i'll tell you all the details, the time line, what the outlook is for sunday too when i join you. >> thank you, bob. >>> today president obama sparred with republicans on their own turf. he accepted an invitation to speak at the gop retreat in baltimore. he also proposed a new jobs program. both moves are part of his promise to focus on the economy and on bipartisanship. there was some good news on the way about economic growth in the last quarter. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on all this. hi, steve. >> thanks, good evening, if you like politics and so many of us in this town do. you had to love this. this face-off in baltimor
involving guns at the verizon center. >>> it's a move washington redskins fans hope will restore the winning tradition in the nation's capital. good evening. i'm doreen genz ler. >> and i'm jim vance. the search for jim zorn's replacement is very much under way this evening. lindsay at dan out at the park now with more. >> reporter: i was told this morning that jim zorn was moving out. the redskins wasted no time. right away, mike shanahan boarded a plane. dan hellie, you were there at the airport when he touched down. >> yeah, he got into a car waiting for him. it was the car belonging to dan snider. not a bad ride. he's believed to be at snyder's potomac mansion right now. no deal as of right now has been signed. >> no. and sources say talks have been for several months. they're work oong deal that they hope with the denver bron koerks a five-year deal, worth about $7 million. if that happened, that would make him the highest paid coach in the nfl. the reason this is possible, because like jim vance said, jim zorn was fired early this morning. zorn acted like he still didn't know this was
, but it will be a snow producer for you skiers in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. here in washington a bit of everything but primarily rain. fredericksburg already reporting a little bit of light rain. overnight tonight, there's that area of low pressure which by tomorrow will begin reforming off the coast. but as that happens, it will keep us under cold air so it will be a chilly, damp kind of a really raw rain. then as it moves off, there's a brief period of snow. then as we get into saturday, sunrise and the next area of storminess, some of that left over from the big western storms will be a rain-producer. a rain-producer for us as we get into sunday. so for the timeline by midnight, some chilly rain mixed with sleet right here around washington. maybe even wet snowflakes, too. a bit of ice for tomorrow morning. northern par of maryland. fauquier coun, those areas. there's that snow in western maryland. as the storm begins to move off, it all moves off. perhaps as a period of light, wet snow. but no accumulation. rain developing then but mixing with and changing to some sleet, fr
a special memorial mass at sacred heart catholic church in northwest washington. >> it was wonderful. i believe we all are very in sync with understanding there was a devastation in haiti, but that devastation and praying for the dead, we also have to pray for the living. >> reporter: hundreds of people with ties to haiti as well as politicians and residents from throughout the area were there to remember those lost in the earthquake more than one week ago. donald world, arch bishop of washington presided over the mass. >> the power of faith, power of prayer will be demonstrated today as it always is. we are so grateful to god to have this opportunity to be with our sisters and brothers in haiti through this mass, through this show of solidarity. >> reporter: workers will be tasked with finding the bodies of those buried in rubble as the ground shook, collapsing thousands of buildings. >> coming here was a duty in time of sore like that, it is good to allow everybody together. i felt good being here. >> reporter: last weekend prayers were offered during haitian services as people hoped
. >> reporter: mcdonnell briefly took aim at washington. >> the founders recognize government closest to the people governs best. >> reporter: supporters say they are confident mcdonnell can tackle the challenges ahead. >> he is a very, very intelligent person and has wonderful people working for him. i think he is going to tackle the task before him whole-heartedly. >> he is what you would call a classical conservative. he is not a right-winger by any means. he is a very pragmatic guy. >> reporter: inaugural festivities include a parade, inaugural ball and open house at the governor's mansion tomorrow. governor mcdonnell digs into the tough work of confronting a $4 billion budget deficit. julie carey, news4, richmond, virginia. >>> still ahead on our broadcast tonight, continuing coverage of the situation in haiti, including a glimmer of hope from a little girl who survived alone under a collapsed building for three days. we'll tell but that story. also, we are getting a first hand look at what fairfaxearch and rescue crews are doing on the ground. >> i'm kimberly suiters at the wash
to lift up the people of haiti. at sacred heart catholic church in northwest washington, there's a sense of relief among parishioners. the father, who would normally lead the service is in haiti. he's been among the missing until friday when members found out he had been found safe. this member says she talked to him on saturday. >> he is outside. sleeping outside, also. he doesn't have a place. the capitol is really down. everything. >> reporter: it's the first time this church family has gotten together for mass since the deadly quake struck. many here are dealing with the pain of losing loved ones. >> my family die. >> reporter: the charge diocese is taking up money for charities to help people who are suffering in port-au-prince. >> today we have thanks giving for the families that have been found and father who has been found and pray for those that are still missing and those who have died and they'll be with god or they'll be found. >> reporter: here at the national cathedral, they will also take up a special fund today to benefit the episcopalian relief fund. those money also go
coach of the washington redskins. the seventh head coach in 11 years. buttoned up, he was looking like a five-star general up there today. here you see bruce allen, mike shanahan, dan snyder walking out at the beginning of the press conference. >> quick question i asked dan snyder if he had had a chance to sleep and he said not a wink. >> i tell you, i think dan snyder is very excited. and i also think that dan snyder is going to take a step back in terms of control with mike shanahan because, you know, in denver they called him the mastermind. >> yeah. he was sitting there in the front row with the family instead of sitting up there on the podium. that was a nice change of pace. >> here is mike shanahan on some of today's festivities. >> i'm excited and honored to be the head coach of the washington redskins. you take a look at history, you take a look at the hall of fame, the great coaches, the great players. what an honor it is to be the head coach of this franchise. a very, very special place. super bowls, world championships. it's what you'd call a franchise that has a great histo
in 2010. >> reporter: back in washington, democrats echoed tt. >> jobs, jobs, and jobs. >> reporter: but democrats are still pushing health care reform, vowing to crash gates and jump fences. >> that doesn't work, we'll parachute in, but we're going to get health care reform passed for the american people. >> reporter: if it sounds after the state of the union like the same obama agenda, it is. >> last night, he didn't reinvent himself. >> reporter: republicans agree and complain. >> there was nothing last night in the president's speech to indicate that there was any willingness to sit down and work together. >> reporter: barack obama admits he's back in campaign mode, fighting, he says, for working folks. >> that's why i ran for the state senate. that's why i ran for the u.s. senate. that's why i ran for president. to fight for people here in tampa and people here in florida. >> reporter: obama 2010 is sounding a lot like obama '08. a key difference is his focus on jobs and leading democrats today promised the president will get a jobs bill soon. live from the hill, i'm steve hand
yet. right now we are working together, all haitians in washington, virginia and maryland like we did last time during the hurricanes. to help our brothers in haiti. >> reporter: he and other local leaders met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the revolutionary war of the united states. we helped you guys. in latin america, we helped simon bolivar to liberate the boliviancountries. today we are seeking the same solidarity. >> reporter: raymond joseph says it's been non-stop meeting with the state department and ting to speak with haiti's president whose palatial home was levelled. >> in the palace, it has been hit that hard. just the flimsy, flimsy abode hanging on the heels around port-au-prince must be just like cardboard. >> reporter: the numbers of dead and injured are staggering given the level of catastrophe. it's not surprising to those who know the country well. >> port-au-prince was built for a population of 50,000. and today, in and around port-au-prince we have 2 million people. and a lot of
-to-moderate rain now starting to push into the washington area. heavier rain still to the south and west. here's your check of live doppler. you can see light, scattered rain showers across the area at this point in time but there, you can see the heavier, steadier rains moving into the far southwestern virginia with western west virginia and that whole bunch of moisture needs to come our way and it will do so late tonight and into the overnight hours and into the monday morning commute. rain increasing in intensity before midnight. heaviest between 11:00 tonight and 8:00 tomorrow morning. and we're until looking for the potential between 1.5 and as much as 3" of rain that could cause some real flash flooding problems and the seven-day forecast, which does mention some winter weather coming up. >> chuck, we'll come back, thank you, sir. >>> three baltimore men are now in custody in connection with a death of a d.c. marine. 22-year-old very than hadly and 26-year-old michael wig gins and niki wdward were all arrested earlier this how long. all three faced first-degree murder charges and the arc
in the metro washington area, but all the way up the east coast into as you said, new york city, hartford, providence and boston airport. the doppler radar shows we don't have snow to worry about here but snow showers pick up north of philadelphia and light to moderate snow for new york city. that's the reason for the delays at newark and laguardia and up into portions of boston. temperatures around here in the mid 20s right now with wind chills in the single digits and low teens and it will stay very cold around here for at least the next 12 to 24 hours. a detailed check of your seven day coming up. >>> a sad discovery in rock creek late this morning. a driver on the parkway, noticed a car tire sticking out of the frozen creek. rescuers who tried to get to the driver were hampered by the frigid, icy waters. derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. for more on that story. >> reporter: craig, we're on 23rd street. if you look behind me you see traffic on rock creek parkway. that's south of the ramp from p street. on this side of the park subway rock creek and that's where they found the car.
that was able to crash the white house state dinner in november. the "washington post" identified the uninvited guest as carlos allen. he's a d.c. party promoter and founding of hush society magane. he was a guest here back in november when he talked about his organization's plan to provide thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate. allen came into the party with the iian delegation. allen reportedly denies being at the party at all. meanwhile, the secret service is trying to figure out how the salahis got into the dinner. the president was never in any danger because the uninvited guests went through a security sweep. >>> these days, people feel quite fortunate to get a paycheck, but a new survey finds that americans seem to be unhappier than ever with their jobs. brian mooar has our report. >> reporter: unhappy at work? you're in good company. a new survey shows only 45% of americans are satisfied with their jobs. >> wages, bonus policy, vacation policy, recognition, communication channels. it's just about every aspect of our jobs that we're much less satisfied than we were several years ago.
points, 1097 was the closing level. >> washington wizards guard javaris k crittenton pleaded guilty to a gun charge. >> javaris crittenton at superior court, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge. a result of that locker room confrontation last month with wizards star gilbert arenas. in court, crittenton said he took full responsibility for his bad judgment. he said he was sorry and apologized to the people of washington, the wizards, the nba and his family. crittenton said he made a bad decision and he told the judge, you'll never see me here again. crittenton is represented by attorney peter white. >> there's been a great deal of misinformation published about this case and about mr. crittenton. mr. crittenton brought a lawfully obtained handgun into d.c. into the washington wizards locker room, only because he legitimately feared for his life on december 21 of last year. the government has acknowledged that handgun was not loaded and he never threatened anyone with it. >> this all goes back to december and an argument over a gambling debt. according to court documents, aren
was surrounded by her family and many other loved ones. the vice president left washington yesterday to be at her side. today he said his mother taught her children that family is to be treasured, loyalty is paramount and that faith would guide them through the tough times. catherine eugenia finnegan biden was 92. >>> coming up, we'll tell you about a train that arrived at its destination 19 hours late. >>> icy roads cause major problems down in the south today. >> whoa. >>> budget cuts at fairfax county schools could eliminate sports teams and foreign language programs. >>> and we'll tell you about two guys who went to the top of the world's tallest building and then jumped. >>> wizards playing their first game without gilbert arenas tonight. lindsay is at verizon. she will have a live report. and alabama turns the tide against the longhorns. >>> parents in fairfax county will notice changes at their kids' school if new plans proposed by the school's superintendent are approved. among the changes offered are eliminating all freshman sports to save money, increasing class sizes by one student, el
to six months. the "washington post" says said that arenas does not want to play for the wizards anymore and asked david stern about the possibility of having the remainder of his $111 million contract voided. stern said the wizards have not contacted the nba about gilbert's contract. a wizards source told me that the possibility of voiding the arenas contract will be an ongoing process and if they decide to go in that direction, it will be very, very complicated. some have said that he's pleaded guilty to a felony already. you should be able to throw his contract out the window. but never before in nba history have a contract been completely voided. i know you remember the spreewell deal when he choked his coach. that's pretty bad. that was voided and then that was overturned. >> has the union involved itself in this dispute? >> not yet. they're taking a wait and see approach and gilbert has asked the union to not try to overturn the suspension. >> okay. good for him. dan, thanks. >>> president barack obama tonight will address congress and the american peepwhile ople delivered his stat
president obama had for the people of haiti today. >>> here in washington, metro general manager john catoe is resigning after three years at the helm of the transit agency. tom sherwood has more from metro headquarters in northwest d.c. tom? >> doreen, john catoe will be general manager here until april 2nd, but the search to replace him starts now. peter benjamin of montgomery county is expected to becomem the next chairman of metro january 28th. he would lead the search for a new general manager to replace john catoe. >> we have to have somebody in there temporarily during the period after april 2nd and until we get somebody permanent. certainly a replacement person t would be a nationwide search and we'll be looking for somebody who can really do this job extremely well and very effectively. >> reporter: it's been a horrific year for metro and general manager catoe. a deadly crash that killed nine people in june, suicides on metro tracks, metro workers injured and killed. and crushing $200 million budget shortfalls, looming service cuts and certain fare increases to come. late today, ka
, some freezing rain, primarily a rain event, though, for washington and the eastern and the southern suburbs. even there, there could be pockets of iciness. then it will be maybe ending as brief snow. those are the headlines as the moves out of here. not a big one, but the timing will make it icy with some slippery going and probably some delays for the morning rush hour. i'll tell you more about it and the timeline when i join you. back to you. >> thank you, bob. >>> a teacher at the sidwell friends school in northwest d.c. has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor. his name is robert peterson. he taught 7th and 8th grade at the school. he was arrested one week ago today. elaine reyes has more on this story from sidwell friends. elaine? >> jim, the investigation is actually going on for quite some time. school administrators suspended him before the school year even started then fired him last week. nothing happened on school property. he's charged in both montgomery county and queen anne county, maryland. 65-year-old robert peterson was a long-time middle school social studies
word volunteer. reporting from northwest washington, back to you. >> we'll have our report, the hospital ship is on its way from baltimore to haiti as we speak. >> there was another earthquake today. this one was in guatemala. it hit this morning. the preliminary magnitude was 5.8. the quake hit about 60 miles southwest of adequate mall la city. no reports of any major damage. officers say they had to use a taser because the suspect wuss being combative and assaulted them. and investigation into this is now under way. more on how this unfolded yesterday. pat? >>> wendy, a 36-year-old shoplifting suspect dies after a confrontation with an arlington cop. how did this happen? was it the struggle? the cop's taser gun? or something else? it happened down under in the pentagon city metro station. a suspect in a drugstore shoplifting case dice after a confrontation with police. they say the arlington police officer spotted the shoplifting suspect. he called for him to stop, but the suspect didn't. the officer called for backup. then they say there was a confrontation between the s
the economy, but after a rough week in washington, he found himself defending his record during his first year in office. tracie potts on capitol hill with more on this. >> it's been a tough first year for the president. he's facing a suffering economy and the big hit this week on capitol hill with health care with the election of a republican from massachusetts. all that and the president responding today saying this is just round one. the fight is not over. >> we're putting folks to work. >> reporter: it looked like candidate obama again, touring factories, holding babies, grabbing a burger at the local diner. >> 98 years old. >> yeah. >> he's never voted for a republican. >> reporter: rousing big crowds. >> it's just nice being out of washington. >> reporter: he kicked off a list of first-year successes, but admitted one more republican in congress through a wrench in his health care plan. >> i'm not going to walk away just because it's hard. we are going to keep on working to get this done. with democrats, i hope with republicans, anybody who is willing to step up. >> reporter: a determine
for the metropolitan washington area. winter weather advisories across extreme northwestern maryland and virginia. these official advisories and warnings go until 4:00 in the morning. here is a look at local doppler. you can see plenty of snow coming down. snow has tapered off in richmond. most of the richmond metro area ended up with about 10 to 13 inches of snow. not quite that much around our area, but healthy totals nonetheless. bowie, maryland, six inches. frederick, maryland, 4.7. waldorf 4 inches of snow. the winter storm warning continues until 4g in the morning. a bitter cold night with wind chills down near zero. there will be plenty of melting with the sunshine tomorrow. that could spell a big black ice problem for the monday morning commute. >> thank you so much. >>> as expected, virginia saw the heaviest snow today. derrick ward is live in woodbridge for us where the flakes have been falling all day long. >> it slowed down the flurries. it snowed reall good for eight hours here. crews have been trying to keep these roads clear. for mott ohioists, it meant there was trouble getting ar
this afternoon. temperature didn't make it to the freezing mark in washington today. current temperatures now that the sun has gone down are starting to tumble. already back down into the mid 20s. 25 degrees at national airport right now. 23 in fairfax county. 20 degrees in martinsburg. here are our wind chills. single digits a low teens across the area. a very cold night coming. wind advisory is up. winds will stay at 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained the rest of tonight and through tomorrow, as well. as a result, a wind chill advisory posted for the high spots west of the blue ridge into the mountains of west virginia. wind chills there minus 5 to minus 15over night tonight. single digits to around 10 degrees here inçó town. also the stream of moisture coming off the great lakes, winter storm warnings up for far western maryland and mountains of west virginia. no snow here in the metro area. as much as six inches of snow as far as far western maryland and southern pennsylvania for most of the overnight hours. that stream of moisture will continue through tomorrow, as well. be ready for ve
for killing a former pakistani taliban leader in a missile strike. leon panetta told "the washington post" the bomber was about to come search when had he detonated the bomb. they worked with the bomber to get information about kd's second in command. >>> back here a man is in serious condition tonight. a freight train his hit car around 6:00 this morning. the tracks there are below street level and down an embankment. lug luckily he jumped out before the train hit. he's treated for injuries to his upper body. there are no train crossings in that area. investigators are not sure what caused the man to drive off the road to the tracks below. >>> a d.c. cab driver was shot in the jaw last night. his cab was found double parked around 11:30 last night. the cabbie was conscious but not able to talk. traffic around t street was blocked off while officers searched for evidence. investigators are looking into whether the cab driver was robbed. >>> there's still no sign of three middle school students from leesburg tonight. they have been missing since last wednesday, and police believe they all
't see the signs of a major snowstorm around washington. for snow-loves, there is always hope. >> thank you, bob. >>> coming up, the fall-out continues from controversial comments made by michelle rhee. >>> we'll tell you about a ban on texting while driving that goes into effect immediately. >>> new information about a woman who had a manhole cover come crashing through our windshield. >>> and the accident that left two metro workers dead. >>> we begin with continuing coverage of that accidenthat killed two metro workers overnight. >> jim graham is the chairman of the metro board. he says human error caused the accident. it happened along the redline. two workers were installing safety equipment on a track that was closed to regular service for the night. chris gordon is at the national transportation safety board h d headquarters now with more. >> the ntsb is trying to determine how metro's operation control center communicated with its work crews last night. or whether there was a critical breakdown of communications. investigators say two separate crews were on the same track. a fo
news, washington. >>> vice president joe biden bid an emotional farewell to his late mother today. ♪ the vice president was emotional during the funeral service. his mother, jean finnegan biden, died on friday. she was 92 years old. mr. biden praised his mother as a wise and generous woman. >> she taught her children, grandchildren and her great-grandchildren that you are defined by your sense of honor. you are redeemed by your loyalty. >> president obama and the first lady were among the 800 mourners inside the church. beau biden is the delaware attorney general. >>> coming up tonight, the cia says a top al qaeda operative has been killed in a strike. >>> authorities urge people to evacuate today after an accident involving a highly explosive substance. >>> federal officials have launched an initiative aimed at making texting while driving socially unaccepted. >>> and we'll tell you about conan o'brien's decision not to host the "tonight show"f it moves to a different time. >>> in sports, the wheels are turning. mike shanahan continues to meet with coaches about joining his sta
in yesterday's washington post. he fired back at critics who say the deaths were the result of sloppy security or poor trade craft. panetta says the bomber was about to be searched when he set off his explosives at the cia base in coast. questions remain why that bomber was not searched before he arrived there. the gate at that base is pres e presumed to be koesly watched by taliban spies. so the driver of the car carrying the bombe was directed to a relatively empty corner of the compound. the bomber was invited to the base in the first place because he was considered a valuable asset that said he had information about the second highest leader in al qaeda. >>> some news concerning the suspected gunman in the ft. hood shootings. major nadal hassan, the associated press has obtained some of the formation in the pentagonry view of that shooting. the ap reports doctors repeatedly voiced concerns over his strie gent views on islam. they also noted other inappropriate behavior, yet hasan continued to receive positive performance evaluations that allowed him to move up through the ranks. hasan is
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